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Homecoming of Lieutenant Crotty

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LT Thomas James Eugene Crotty

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LT James Crotty had a short but promising Coast Guard career. For six years, he served on board cutters based out of New York, Seattle, Alaska and Sault Ste. Marie. His career included duty on the cutter TAMPA, during its famous rescue of passengers from the burning liner MORRO CASTLE, and a Justice Department appointment as special deputy on the Bering Sea Patrol.

In the days leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, LT Jimmy Crotty served with the U.S. Navy as Executive Officer in USS QUAIL in the Philippines. He aided in the defense of Corregidor during the Japanese invasion in the early days of WWII. He supervised the destruction of ammunition and facilities at the Navy Yard to prevent their use by the Japanese, and even swam out under the cover of night to strip critical equipment from the fleet submarine USS SEA LION, filling it with depth charges to scuttle it. As the Japanese advanced on Corregidor, LT Crotty eagerly took charge of cannibalized deck guns from the ship and led a team of brave enlisted marine and army personnel fighting for an additional 30 days until the Japanese bombardment finally silenced the defense of the island fortress. Taken prisoner by the Japanese, he was interned at the Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Camp.

LT Crotty became the first Coast Guard POW since the war of 1812. LT Crotty distinguished himself with a spirit of optimism and a sense of humor in the face of the most trying of circumstances. His perpetual cheerfulness was infectious and provided a demonstrable support to his fellow prisoners of war. His selflessness is fondly remembered by many with whom he served.

LT Crotty paid the ultimate sacrifice, but his spirit lives on. The Lieutenant Thomas James Crotty Inspirational Leadership Award recognizes the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) Representative who best exemplifies a willingness to go above and beyond in the service of the Coast Guard community. It embodies LT Crotty's spirit of respect for others and a dedication to the USCG principles of service for others. Awarded annually to the CGMA Representative who visibly supports the CGMA mission of providing service and outreach to the entire Coast Guard community. It is given to one who exceeds the normal dictates of their duties in the belief that they can provide more than is asked.

CGMA has over 500 CGMA representatives throughout the Coast Guard who routinely operate behind the scenes. They respond during natural disasters, unexpected emergencies, and in support of education and family needs.

This award provides an opportunity to not only recognize their important work, but to highlight the willingness of Coast Guard personnel to support one another at all times.
-- CWO4 Sean Fennell, USCG (ret), CGMA Chief Operation Officer

Since its inception in 1924, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance has provided over $200 million in direct assistance. Its work is performed by collateral duty Coast Guardsmen at 150 local Coast Guard units.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is one of four Congressionally-sanctioned Military Aid societies that collectively helps 2.5 million service members and their families.The other societies include the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Air Force Aid Society and Army Emergency Relief.

CGMA provides grants and no-interest loans for needs such as disaster relief, education, and family support. For more information: visit www.cgmahq.org, or find CGMA on Facebook or Twitter (@CGMutualAssist).

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